NUTSGaming PokerSwap

1 min readAug 7, 2021

Introducing PokerSwap, our own revolutionary poker-crypto exchange!

Welcome to our PokerSwap, a place where you can trade your poker credit by crypto and vice versa!

PokerSwap is our own poker exchange, now for the first time ever you are able to purchase crypto, PokerStars credit, PPPoker credit, GGPoker credit (soon) and Luxor credit (soon) in a super easy way!

Enter our PokerSwap at

Complete your personal data and fill in the form selecting the poker platform (where you already have your own funds, or where you want to purchase credit), your nickname, and select what do you want to swap; select the amount, and remember that a 1% + 1USD fees will apply.

In our PokerSwap you will also be able to swap NUTSG, but this will be available as soon as the process of lowering the taxes finishes.

As in any other NutsGaming business, all of the profit will go directly to the coin through our process of burning!

NutsGaming keeps on growing now launching PokerSwap, go NutsG!