2 min readAug 9, 2021

NutsGaming backing professional poker players, here is how it works:

What is staking?

The term poker staking (or backing) means that a poker investor puts up money on behalf of a poker player in exchange for a cut of the profits. The backer assumes an “investing position” so the poker player can focus entirely on its own gameplay and growth. Every profit generated by the players are shared according to the terms of the poker staking contract between the parties which may vary a lot. Also it’s very usual for the player to play both games where he’s being stacked and games in which he invests his own money.

Poker is a skill game with a huge influence of statistical variance in the short term, that’s why staking works both for the players and the investor/staker/backer. Nuts Gaming has currently made staking deals with all of its ambassadors. Any profit that the ambassadors generate will be going back to the coin, through a process of purchasing coins and then burning them.

Poker players benefit from the staking because they can play at a higher level with a smooth bankroll management. There is also a learning and teamwork environment that NutsGaming provides to its players, where they can learn from each other, discuss particular hands or spots and improve together under the supervision of a more experienced player who acts as a coach for the group as a whole.

NutsGaming as a staker not only is able to take profit backing already successful poker players, but also get acknowledgment in the poker community, and is able to spread the voice about NUTSG through social media and Twitch’s transmissions.