AMA — Wednesday August 25th.

2 min readAug 26, 2021


1. Will agent program be live on Saturday?

  • Yes, we have noticed that some members have already tried to use the referral code. You have to wait till Saturday since you have to apply to become an agent and connect your wallet, and this will not be possible until Saturday.

2. How can I see how many referral I have when we are live?

  • You will see them under your agent panel inside our club and you will see how much rake they are generating!

3. I see the NutsHub is live, what changes and features can we expect when it’s officially launched?

  • In the first stage we will have MerchStore + registration to special poker tournaments only for holders through our HUB.

4. How far away in future is our progress with the ESport section?

  • Not so far. We expect to have Esports tournaments running in late September.

5. Do we have any new exciting partners/influencers lined up for September?

  • Yes we do. We are finalizing the details of a new partnership and as soon as it is 100% confirmed we will announce it.

6. Staking. Will this happen in Q3 or Q4?

  • Staking will be available most likely next month, so Q2 for sure.

7. Marketing strategy?

  • We are currently directing our marketing efforts 100% into poker. PokerSwap and the PPP Poker Club are our targets for marketing in the upcoming weeks, since both features should be able to allow NUTSG to start to grow organically by its own means.

8. How does the rake work?

  • Every poker room takes a fee in their poker games known as “rake”. The regular players have always been rewarded with a “rakeback program” in the vast majority of poker rooms. We have one of the lowest fees in the poker market at PPPoker (it will be 5% with a CAP of 3BB, the most known poker rooms have a cap of 8–13BBs), and we want to offer rakeback to every holder that wants to participate in the referral program. You will be able to get rakeback both from your account as from your referral’s accounts (as long as they do not decide to hold NUTSG and enter in the program themselves). 5B NUTSG for 10%, 100B for 30% and 500B for 50%, considering that the Poker Club return the money to the coin, the Poker Club will work as a club sustained by the holders creating profit for the holders.




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