1. Will agent program be live on Saturday?

Become a NutsGaming agent and earn passive income just by holding NUTSG through our RAKEBACK & REFERRAL system at NutsGaming’s PPPoker club (starting Saturday, August 28)

Add another income stream to your arsenal by earning additional passive income just by holding NUTSG through our poker club!



Introducing PokerSwap, our own revolutionary poker-crypto exchange!

Welcome to our PokerSwap, a place where you can trade your poker credit by crypto and vice versa!

PokerSwap is our own poker exchange, now for the first time ever you are able to purchase crypto, PokerStars credit, PPPoker credit, GGPoker credit (soon)

Nutzilla is our burning wallet. It allows NutsGaming to establish a price control on the beginnings of the project, gives it a sort of “additional liquidity pool” and it has a strong function of preventing dumping.

What does it means to burn tokens? Whenever Nutzilla is used, tokens are purchased at PancakeSwap and then they are sent to a non-existing wallet where no one will ever be able to reclaim them, this function is known as “burning”. Both purchases and sells, send a % to the Nutzilla wallet.

We have already burned 5,750,593,997,982 $NUTSG from Nutzilla.

Nutzilla address is public and can be checked by everyone:


Our big guy Nutzilla can be used at any time, it won’t be announced to avoid speculation, everyone can check at Nutzilla’s address at any given time and see how big is the potential amount of NUTSG waiting to be burned!

As we promised prior to our launch, during the first days of NUTS Gaming we are starting to reduce our taxes.

Our new tax distribution is:

In the beginning, we taxed heavily on the sellers, and now we are starting to reduce…

Let’s welcome our newest ambassador Ezequiel Waigel, to NUTS Gaming Team!

Ezequiel was born in Argentina, he is 29 years old and he is an amazing poker player!

He began playing poker with his friends and then he took chances at SNG online tournaments. …

Today is a special day and we want to congratulate our winners of yesterday’s first crypto poker tournament!

Our amazing Bloffer_ugur placed 1st!

We want to thank the 660 players that participated on the tournament, 125 player went home with cash prices, some of the highest cash prices went to Bloffer_ugur ($1900 + NFT worth $2250), GlennGTR1 ($1000) and TimJ1 ($656).

These guys are already STACKING!

Congratulations to top 10 whitelist winners:

We would also want to share with you the list of winners that knocked out the bounties:

Next time you can be the winner! Join NUTS GAMING!


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